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"Never forget the mission at the beginning, pursue the dream, and Jinpeng is also a hero" -- the Lea

日期:2021-12-18 17:20:10

August day is a sacred day in the eyes of soldiers or retired veterans! He recorded every moment of the growth of the Chinese people's Liberation Army and China's dream of building a strong army.

On the bus to the destination, a song "our soldiers" opened the curtain of today's activity.


Quickly complete a series of actions such as team formation and roll call, and wait for the instructor's arrangement with a standard military posture.




They no longer wear military uniforms, eat military food, listen to military bugles and live in barracks, but they are still the backbone and heart of soldiers. I wish all the soldiers in the world a happy holiday


The Chinese people's Liberation Army, bearing in mind its sacred duty, is loyal to the motherland and the people, and does not hesitate to use their youth and life to defend the territorial integrity and national dignity of the motherland. There is also a group of people, who are also very stubborn, have a common goal, and have been trying to pursue their dreams. That is us Jinpeng people! We are fighting for Jinpeng's beautiful tomorrow! Our mission is to "make world-class Jinpeng knitting needles". Let's not forget our original heart, remember our mission, unite as one, and be a dreamer in the new era!

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