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Safety - the foundation of enterprise development

日期:2021-12-18 16:44:52

In spring, the temperature turns warm, the air is dry and the materials are dry, which is a frequent period of various fires and safety accidents. In order to fully implement the main responsibility of safety production education and training, strengthen the safety knowledge training of all employees, improve the safety awareness and safety quality of employees, prevent and curb the occurrence of production safety accidents from the source, according to the special action of "big warning, big training and big examination" of safety production of all employees.

        The training will go deep into each production post and carry out targeted education and training in combination with the actual production situation of the post. Knowledge and skills in laws and regulations, safety management system, safety operation procedures, use methods of emergency equipment for hazardous factors in the workplace, accident prevention measures and emergency disposal methods.

        By carrying out the special action of safety production education and training for all employees, firmly establish the awareness that "inadequate training is a major safety hazard", strictly implement the system of personnel taking up their posts after passing the examination, ensure that all employees are covered by safety education and training, and provide a strong guarantee for safety production.







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